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Ask a Dead Man
Five Star, Dec 2004, ISBN: 1594142556 In a Belfast bar, a Plowman sent by the notorious Thirty-Two kills their former leader Frankie McCrory in front of his wife Katie McCrory because they obtained evidence that he turned traitor and worked for an American espionage agency called TRIAD. While Kate mourns her loss, Frankie's odious brother Liam blackmails his sister-in-law into doing a job for the Thirty-Two. She is to deliver money and equip...
Hot Paint
Forge, August 2002, 26.95, 352 pp. ISBN 0765302314 Newspaper columnist Neil Gulliver and soap opera queen and theatre actress Stevie Marriner were once married. Now that they are divorced they have a much better relationship in every sense of the word. A retired mobster gives Neil and Stevie a suite of eleven Andy Warhol prints, each one containing a painting and the artist who owns it. Shortly after, the couple is asked to meet an old friend...