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Dark Waters - The Chronicle of Unbinding 2
Stone's gripping fantasy series comes to it's own in this novel his world-building skills are impressive as he once again takes us to a world reeling from a horrible mage war and how mages created a spell to take the magic out of the world and NOW a sorcerer called Madh and the assassin, Hain seek to undue the spell! Brandt Karrelian, the former spy turned Industrialist is obsessed in hunting down the sadistic assasin called Hain who crippled h...
Hazard's Price - The Chronicle of Unbinding 1
Stone has written a very good novel that combines the genres of sword&sorcery with spy thriller. Long ago a terrible war was fought between two nations: Chaldus and Yndor and it was fought by mages to prevent another war of magic from rising up a spell was woven.The spell took most of the magic from the world. This was called the binding. Only a selective few ministers from these countries know the words to undo the spell. And now someone is killin...