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Can You Feel Anything When I Do This?
Sheckley has a reputation in science fiction as a humorous writer. There's plenty to amuse in this 1971 collection, but many of the stories also center around issues of perception: What's real? What is truth? Can we change our perception or character? There's the hugely entertaining "Cordle To Onion To Carrot," in which a milquetoast turns aggressive and rude on overseas trips, to "The Mnemone," a bittersweet tale set in a repressive near-future with lit...
Crompton Divided
Crompton's is one of several clones whose mind is part or an individuals' w multiple-personality disorder. Crompton seek to recover and reunite the other part of himself, who turn to be an hedonistic sybarite, a psychotic killer and a catatonic mystic. To pay for the operation, he steals precious substances from the company where he works, and is pursued by his boss. Will he succeed?...
This book describes a near future in which the cheaper way of traveling to other planets is to swap bodies with an alien. The mind travels to the alien's body and vice versa. But not everybody plays fair and sometimes the recuperation is really difficult....
The Status Civilization
Barrent has been convicted for murder and is brought to serve his sentence on Omega, a planet inhabited by criminals. His memory was washed and left without any recalls from his past life whatsoever (including the crime he seems to have committed). He is also unaware of all the dangers of living on Omega: a ruthless, yet quite complex society with a complex legal system (for instance, murder is rewarded under certain circumstances and drug consumption is...

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