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A Small Death In Lisbon
This book reads like two books until the end. The first part is about finding a sixteen year old girl's body on a beach in Portugal. This takes place in the late nineties and the POV is first person, the detective who is investigating the crime. The other story starts in 1941 in Germany and a business man who is inducted into the SS, and his main duty is to arrange for the purchase of wolfram, we call it tungsten. This story goes on until the time fra...
The Company of Strangers
Harcourt, Oct 2002, 14.00, 481 pp. ISBN: 0156027100 During World War II, British intelligence hires Andrea Aspinall, a mathematical wizard who thinks numbers are perfect. Andrea is to use her numerical skills to learn German atomic weaponry secrets. In Lisbon, Andrea vanishes under a new identity. She also meets German attaché Karl Voss, who believes the Nazis are losing the war and destroying Germany in their efforts to keep fighting. Karl a...