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Dunne, April 2003, 22.95, 224 pp. ISBN 0312308515 When Dr. Jo Banks, a family practitioner with an office in a ritzy medical building, loses a patient due to a misdiagnosis, she can't handle the guilt. The fact that her patient was a child makes the pain all the more excruciating for Jo. She heads out of New York with no destination in mind, winding up in a dinky motel where she ends up treating one of the guests. The owner of the Oakview Moto...
The Doctor Digs A Grave
Dr. Andrew Fenimore fancies himself a crimianl investigator. He pursues this unofficial career as pasionately as he treats his cardiology patients. He finds a murder victim, and bonds him with a young man he takes under his wing. Together, they work together to find the murderer. ...
The Doctor Dines in Prague
Dunne, Nov 2003, 22.95, 192 pp. ISBN: 0312290365 Czech-American Dr. Andrew Fenimore becomes concerned when repeated calls to his cousin Anna Borovy in Prague go unanswered. Rationalizing that his relative and her ailing husband Vlasta are on vacation, Andrew tries at four in the morning Czech Republic time. Someone picks up the receiver but immediately hangs up the phone. Anxious for his cousin, Andrew flies from Philadelphia to Prague to insu...