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Loving Libby
Olivia Vanderhoff runs away from her wealthy but unfeeling father who was trying to force her into a marriage for purely financial reasons. With her aunt's help, Olivia hides on a ranch in Idaho under a new name, Libby Blue. Six years later, Aunt Amanda is dead, and Libby is running the sheep ranch. She's got problems to deal with besides the hard work on the ranch, namely the plotting of Bevin, a rich neighbor who wants to buy up all the land in the ...
Patterns of Love
Inga Linberg may be the oldest of 5 girls, but she's also the plainest,tallest, and gentlest of them all. Her family has always viewed her as thesensible one who would stay around the parsonage and help her father. When Dirk Bridger comes looking for help with his two nieces and dying mother,Inga's life change forever. She goes and agrees to help out with the child-watching and house chores until Mrs. Bridger dies. Inga quickly makes herself indespen...
Remember When
Homestead is a small town. Sarah McLeod did not want to stay there. When she was young she dreamed of handsome princes and English Dukes, but dreams don't always come true. She finds herself 20 and engaged to Warren Wesley. Dull, boring, dependable Warren. One day, Warren's brother shows up and her life and is turned topsey turvy. She finds herself falling passionatly and unrevokably in love with Jeremiah Wesley. After a passionate night with Jerem...
Veterans Way
Revell, Apr 2005, 14.99, 160 pp. ISBN: 0800718550 When he was eighteen, Jimmy Scott left Hart's Crossing, Idaho to join the army leaving behind his high school sweetheart Steph Carlson because he felt he was too young to marry. He married Martha and raised three children with her until she passed away three years ago. Steph wed Chuck and raised a daughter until he died last year. After fifty-two years away from his home town except for occasio...

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