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A Risk Worth Taking
Dunne, Feb 2004, 24.95, 320 pp. ISBN: 031227002X Dan Porter believes his life is near perfect as he has a wonderful job with a dot com firm, married to a loving wife for twenty years, and three precocious children. However, when his company hits bad times, the policy of last in first out leaves Dan unemployed. Meanwhile his wife Jackie is managing director of Rebecca Talworth Design Limited, but makes little money as profits are returned to the...
An Ocean Apart (Romance)
After losing the love of his life, Rachel, to cancer, David Corstorphine starts spending most of his time in his parents' garden, where he tries to escape the grief and regain the order he has lost in his life. However, in an attempt to stop a crisis in the family business, Glendurnich Distilleries, David leaves his three children behind on a boarding school and travels from Scotland to America where he realises he is unable to resume his old life and jo...
An Ocean Apart (Literature)
For six awful months, David Costorphine has tried to come to terms with his young wife's death as a result of leukemia. He is trying to care for his three motherless children, and cope with life. He can't return to work though, it is just too much. He gets an opportunity unexpectedly in New York. The journey to New York, though, proves both disastrous and yet heartening at once. David finds himself settling in comfortably with the strangers of a seasi...
Starting Over
It seems a long time since life was good for Liz Dewhurst. Her happy marriage is going down the drain when she discovered her husband Gregor has a mistress. But if that wasn't enough, Liz and Gregor's family businesses were also intertwined. Growing up on neighboring farms on the east coast of Fife, and area blessed with rich soil and beautiful unspoiled landscapes, they decided to merge the farms upon their marriage. Their separation, however, has come ...

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