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Awaken, My Love
In the present day, Elaine Metcalfe is masturbating to relieve her sexual frustration with her husband who shows no interest in having sex. In Victorian England, Charles Mortimer, Lord Arlcotte, is sexually frustrated with his wife, Morrigan, who he virtually forces to consummate their marriage. Charles, who has knowledge of eastern sexual techniques, cannot raise a response from his frigid wife. The next day, Elaine finds herself in 19th century En...
Gabriel's Woman
This is the second book of two about Michael and Gabriel. Thirty-four year old Victoria Childers has been dismissed from her position as a governess because of unwanted advances from her employer and his wife's jealousy. After six months on the street with no money, malnurished and no shelter she decides on the last option available. In the House of Gabriel, a high class bordello, Victoria puts her virginity up for auction. Gabriel, the house'...
The Lady's Tutor
Elizabeth Petre is the perfect Victorian lady, married to a man hand-picked by her cold, political family. She's given her husband two sons and endured sixteen years of selfless duty. Beneath the veneer, however, she is a passionate woman craving a man's touch, but her husband has not come to her marriage bed in over twelve years. When gossip returns to her that her husband has a mistress, Elizabeth sets out to seduce her husband. Even after sixt...
The Lover
Anne Aines is a spinster. She pays 1000 pounds to loose her virginity to Micheal Des Anges. He was a prostitute in London, but after being scarred in a fire, no one will touch him. After a wild night, they agree to become lovers for a month. His uncle has been tormenting and torturing him since he was a boy by turning the foods he loves into something that makes him sick. The only thing his uncle didn't contaminate is sex with women, which is why he beca...

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