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Ooh, La La!
Movie director Zack Jackson needed a hit movie to resurrect his career, and he was certain that the true story of a "sporting girl" at the Ooh La La brothel in New Orleans in 1898 was just the ticket. Only one thing stood in his way: Kate Matthews, a stubborn history consultant who insisted on strict historical accuracy. Little did Zack know that before the shoot was over, he and Kate would be making a little Ooh, La La! of their own. ...
The Babe Magnet
Love Spell, Jun 2004, 6.99 ISBN: 0505525364 The call from a Dallas police officer informed Holt Landen that not only had Ella Sinclair died in a car crash, but the heiress named him as the father of her child. He barely remembers the flighty woman he had a one night stand with in Aspen, but the DNA proves he is also the father of a six month old child Isabelle with her. Holt leaves New Orleans to pick up his daughter only to learn that his daug...
Wild About You
Lovespell, Jul 2003, 6.99 ISBN: 0505525356 In Louisiana, Rand Adams owns and operates The Circle A Ranch where he hopes to one-day breed and train world class quarter horses. He is all business, logically approaching life and his ranch in a methodical manner. Moving next door to Rand is anachronistic hippie Celeste Landry. She opens up the Wild Things Fun Farm, a children's petting zoo. Her spread is loaded with circus retirees or rejects a...