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Blue Skies
Mira, May 2004, 6.50, 384 pp. ISBN: 0778320421 In Phoenix forty-seven years old, wealthy tax law specialist Drake Cameron apparently dies of a massive coronary though he seemed in perfect health. His fourteen year old daughter April found his boy in their bathroom. His ex-wife commercial pilot Nicole Burgess knows that the funeral does not have that many attendees because when the domineering Drake labeled a person as an enemy combatant, they w...
Down by the River
Mira, Jun 2003, 6.50, 384 pp. ISBN: 1551667045 Seems like everyone living in Grace Valley, California knows that Dr. June Hudson slept with an unknown man last night. June's partner in a local medical practice, Dr. John Stone, also confirmed she is four months pregnant. The amused and embarrassed June plans to introduce her beloved retired law enforcement agent Jim Post to her family and friends as she knows the town waits for them to show up a...
Just Over the Mountain
Mira, Jul 2002, 6.50, 384 pp. ISBN: 1551669404 Dr. June Hudson has served as a doctor in Grace Valley, California ever since her dad retired. Grace has little time to relax, but she does serendipitously see undercover DEA Agent Jim Post whenever he can pay her a visit. Currently, Jim is in the Ozarks working his last case before early retirement and a permanent relationship with his beloved. Returning to town is Jim Forrest accompanied by hi...