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Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha
The novel tells of the childhood trials and traumas of 10-year old Patrick Clarke Jr., named for his pa. Every chance he gets he torments his younger brother whom he dubs Sinbad. Despite the abuse Sinbad constantly hangs around his older brother and his friends. Paddy lacks the gifts of natural leadership among his young hooligan peers and therefore likes a bully named Kevin. He does things to impress Kevin, including the bullying of his brother and ...
The Snapper
This book is second in the Barrytown trilogy (first book: The Commitments; third book: The Van). When Shannon Rabbite gets pregnant out of wedlock it is a great shock to her family and sets tongues wagging throughout the whole neighbourhood. She refuses to reveal who the father is, but when rumours start to spread that it's one of her father's friends, she invents a story about having had a one night stand with a foreign sailor and keeps on telling it...