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Little Farm In The Ozarks
Rose Wilder, the daughter of Laura Ingalls Wilder and Manly Wilder, is settling in nicely to her new home in Missouri. Grandma Ingalls writes to Rose regularly and sends the family the DeSmet news every week. One night the family dog Fido raises a fuss which sends the Wilders running outside. Papa catches a boy in their henhouse. Papa brings the youngster into their home and questions him as to his name and background. Although the boy refuses to ta...
Little House on Rocky Ridge
Rose Wilder, the daugher of Laura Ingalls Wilder, is a bright, precocious seven year old living in DeSmet, South Dakota with her mother and father. When Rose's parents tell her that the family is moving to Missouri, Rose is distraught. She can't believe that she has to leave her beloved town of Desmet and her grandparents and blind Aunt Mary. Papa tells Rose that there is a terrible drought in South Dakota and that the prairie is turning to dust. Alt...
On The Other Side Of the Hill
Rose Wilder, daughter of Laura Ingalls Wilder, is a lively nine year old living at Rocky Ridge Farm in the Ozarks. Rose and her parents have settled in nicely to life in the Ozarks. Rose has a new house to live in and for the first time in her life she has her own room. Rose is thrilled when Abe, her family's hired hand, marries beautiful Effie, the older sister of her friend Alva. Rose attends the wedding and Shivaree, which is the noise and merrime...