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The Ocean Of Years - Chronicles of Solace 2
Bantam, July 2002, 6.50, 464 pp. ISBN 0553583646 In the far distant future, mankind has been able to terraform whole planets so that humans could colonize them. Oskar DeSilvo is credited as the genius who brought this process about but Anton Koffield declares that the terraforming project is breaking down and if they don't evacuate the planet millions will die. Although the authorities have proof that DeSilvo is still alive and has technologi...
The Shores of Tomorrow
Bantam, Dec 2003, 6.50, 512 ISBN 0553583654 In the far distant future, mankind has learned, thanks to Oskar DeSilvo, how to terraform planets. Once that operation was complete, humanity would colonize that world but what few people know is that DeSilvo took credit for another person's concept. That individual had concluded that eventually terraforming would fail. The prediction proved true on the planet Blister just as it is now happening on S...