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A River of Seasons
In Northern Minnesota's Bigfork River Valley, back in the days of the big timber camps, a man by the name of Wil Morgan and his wife raise a pair of orphaned kids, bringing them to adulthood. Wil tells of his life on the Bigfork and his time working in the timber camps. He was a hunter and a trapper, and as a long-time resident had many tales to tell. The children's family was lost when a Canadian jack named Scooter Sherman, a man with no rever...
River Chase
Wil Morgan was the son of a sailing ship captain and a school teacher from France. His parents moved to Minnesota's Bigfork River Valley to start a new life with his mother schooling him and his father teaching him about the world he knew, from being a ship's captain. When Wil was a child, his father went on a trip leaving him and his mother on the river. Two white slavers broke into their home stealing his mother and leaving Wil all alone, waiting fo...
The River Calls
Two hunters meet during World War II and begin a friendship that lasts through many years. Old Wil tries to teach Dr. Matt all he'll need to know to survive a new life on the Bigfork River. The setting is a small cabin on the river, no lights, kerosene lamps, wood cook range....