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Circle of Pearls
When Julia Pallister's father dies in the civil war, the new government gives ownership of her ancestral home, Sotherleigh Manor, to the enemy, Makepeace Walker. Julia vows to get back what rightfully belongs to the Pallister's, but her mother saves the day by agreeing to marry Mr. Walker so that the family can continue living there. Julia and new stepfather do not get along with each other. Makepeace decides to marry his stepdaughter off to Adam Warr...
The Golden Tulip
Francesca has dreams of becoming an artist, but these dreams may never come true when she finds out that her father has signed an agreement to have Francesca marry Ludolf van Deventer. Ludolf wants Francesca, even if it means killing his wife. When Ludolf finds out that Francesca's father has a weakness for gambling, he uses this weakness to blackmail him into getting Francesca. Francesca, her sisters, and Pieter, the young man she truly loves, do all...
The Venetian Mask
Marietta and Elena are two girls living in a Venetian school for orphans. Both want to become famous singers. Elena, however, gets engaged to Marco, heir to the House of Celano. Sadly, Marco dies of a fever, and Elena is passed along to his brother, Filippo. Filippo is cruel to Elena and abuses her for failing to give him a child. Marietta falls in love with a Frenchman named Alix Desgrange. They plan to elope but are prevented from doing so by A...
To Dance With Kings
Jeanne Dremont makes a promise that her daughter will never live in poverty. But what Jeanne doesn't know is that promise will bring happiness to some, but bitterness to the generations to come. Jeanne arranges for her daughter, Marguerite, to become mistress to a French nobleman who serves the King. But due to religious persecution, Marguerite's lover is forced to flee the country, leaving Marguerite behind. Marguerite later marries Laurent, an ar...

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