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Into The Wilderness: The Long Hunters
Forge, Apr 2002, 23.95, 285 pp. ISBN: 0765300664 As the French and Indian War breaks out in North America, hunter and English spy Noah Barnes happens upon a small group of Iroquois trying to abduct teenage Jessica Matthews near her parents cabin in the Pennsylvania Allegheny Mountains. Though the fight is fierce and Jessica's savior is outnumbered Noah wins the battle but is wounded. Perhaps its hero worship or puppy love, but not long afterwar...
Mystic Warriors
Forge, May 2001, 24.95, 366 pp. ISBN: 0312865139 In 1855 in a remote part of the Lakota Nation, four white buffalo hunters see the skin of a white buffalo for the first time near a single Indian teepee. Though fearful, the quartet decides to steal the pelt. Causing a diversion, they filch the hide. Responsible for protecting the hide, Buffalo Dreamer and Rising Eagle are stunned at the loss of one of the People's most sacred talisman...
Thunder on the Plains
Sunny Landers is a rich daddy's girl in the Civil War erra. Trying to follow her father's dream of building a transcontinental railroad that would join the East with the West. She meets a half Cherokee, but raised by whites, Colt Travis who was hired by her father to scout into the Western territories where they were to build the railroad and is smitten with him although she is too young to know about love and relationships. They go their separate way...
Wildest Dreams
Three years after giving birth following a brutal gang-rape, Lettie MacBride and her family join a wagon train for a fresh start, where she meets a man with whom she will spend the rest of her life. Lettie MacBride was raped and impregnated at the age of 15 and although she loves her son, feels that she is too damaged for any romantic relationships. After years of false assumptions about her virtue by people in their area and the devastating border wars,...

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