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Absolute Certainty
An Assistant District Attorney is prosecuting a brutal murder and believes the guilty party is the accused. However, she discovers that it is really the work of a serial murderer and the accused perpetrator has been framed. She is alone in her quest, as the Chief District Attorney and his right-hand person are totally against her further investigation due to their own selfish motives. ...
Maximum Security
Scribner, July 2004, 24.00, 272 pp. ISBN 0743261232 At the request of her partner Harry Madigan, Marty Nickerson agrees to take on the case of Louisa Rawlins, whose husband is presumed dead because he never came home after using his boat. The insurance company does not want to pay out the $1 million dollar claim; instead they ask authorities to investigate. Marty is a bit uncomfortable representing Louisa because her lover Harry was once Louisa...
Temporary Insanity
Scribner, July 2003, 24.00, 320 pp. ISBN 074322907x Hector Montero, a convicted pediophile, kidnapped seven-year-old Billy Hammond, tied his arms and legs together with wire, stuffed a rag into his mouth then proceeded to rape and kill the child. The lad's father Buck identified the body at the morgue. Buck proceeded to the area where Hector was being transported to the Barnstable County jail on Cape Cod and killed him with his deer rifle. The...