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Fleeting Fancy
John Rudwell, Viscount Severn, tricks Primula Greetwell into a false marriage so he can seduce her. After a week, he returns her to her parents home, laughing at his latest exploit. His father, Earl Malhythe, decides to end his son's wildness and banishes him to India. Ten years later, the Earl gives Severn a choice: marry a bride of his father's choosing or be banished from home and his fortune. Severn chooses marriage and discovers on his weddin...
The Sword of Maiden's Tears
On her 30th birthday, Ruth Marlowe finds a mugging victim, Rohanna Melior, who just happens to be an elf. Melior is from another world, and in New York City searching for the sword of Maiden's Tears. The sword, if handled by a human, will turn that person into a grendel, a large and mostrous being that is obsessed with two things-the sword, and feeding himself (with human flesh). Melior, Ruth and their friends must find and slay the grendel in order to s...
Vengeance of Masks
Wildside, 2003, 35.00, 237 pp. ISBN: 1587151154 The eight-year-old Eidolon Emperor-elect Childeric learns that his uncle plans to kill him at the Ascension Ceremony when he turns sixteen. In desperation, he turns to the evil being Malvisage for help. The dark one provides Childeric with the mindmask that will allegedly keep him safe. However, after being held in check for centuries, Malvisage seizes the opportunity that the naive egocentric C...