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The Language of Power
First, a caution: this is book 4 in a series of tightly connected plots. You can read it first, and it will still make sense, but it will mean more if you've first read Kirstein's other "Steerswoman" novels. Rowan is a steerswoman, a kind of wandering librarian who is obligated to answer any question anyone asks of her. In return, she expects everyone to answer any question she asks of them. Rowan comes to the city of Donner investigating mysterious ...
The Lost Steersman
Del Rey, Sept 2003, 14.95, 432 pp. ISBN 0345462297 On a world where man made satellites orbit the sky, humanity has developed to a medieval level. Steerswomen are taught how to gather knowledge and spread it to all that are interested. Rowan has discovered that the wizard Slado is using a magical spell known as the Routine Bioform clearance to rain down invisible heat on the Outskirts. If he continues to do so, the outskirters will spread into...
The Steerswoman's Road
Del Rey, July 2003, 15.95, 672 pp. ISBN 0345461053 On a world where knowledge and technology are at a medieval level, wizards employ magic for good and ill. Unlike the wizards, the highly respected secular order of Steerswomen is considered benevolent knowledge seekers who always truthfully answer questions put to them. Any question they ask a person must answer or face a ban respected by all the Steerswomen. One day at an inn, an inquisitive ...