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An Honorable Man
Mira, Dec 2002, 7.50, 400 pp. ISBN: 1551669536 As southern states succeed from the Union like dominos both sides of the conflict wonder what position will highly regarded Senator David Campbell take. Two presidents court the Mississippi representative, but David accepts Lincoln's offer of advisor on the war council. Before he leaves for DC, David decides to free his slaves as a symbolic gesture. Though his daughter Cameron bursts with pride ov...
Return to Me
Mira, Dec 2003, 7.50, 400 pp. ISBN: 1551667487 At the beginning of the American Civil War, Jackson Logan met and married Mississippian Cameron. They relocate to the DC area, but he serves as a Union spy so is rarely home. With the war finally over, Cameron looks forward to seeing her spouse and informing him that he will soon be a father for the first time. However, though the formal hostilities ended, Secretary of State Seward, recovering f...
Sapphire Fabergine, beautiful, rich, living on the isle of Martinque, has just been informed by the only father she has known Maurice Fabergine, that he is not her real father, and that her now deceased mother was a prostitute. Her real father the Earl of Wessex lives in London, and he and her mother were married, the marriage was not recognized as her mother was a nobody. Maurice wants her to travel to London to find her father as requested by h...
Wicked Loving Lies
Marisa thought she would have become a nun... Dominic took her innocence and teases her through all the book, being cruel to her, using her for his pleasure... just to hide the fact that he is in love with her......

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