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Murder in The Forum
Elderly Libertus doesn't have much luck. Not only does he recognize the body that's been dragged to death as his patron's slave, but the owner of the carriage is an amazingly powerful patrician who wants him to summon his patron, the Governor's assistant, Marcus Septimus. Marcus is visiting his paramour and will not take kindly to an interruption. But the visitor is Perennis Felix, a favourite of the Emperor. Felix is then poisoned at a welcoming ...
The Germanicus Mosaic
Libertus the freedman lives in Glevum (ancient Gloucester) during the long Roman occupation of Britain. He's a talented pavement maker (thats mosaic maker to us) who tries to make an honest living. He needs the patronage of the provincial Governors representative, Marcus Septimus, but he doesn't need Septimus to involve him in a murder inquiry. He may have constucted a mosaic for the uncouth retired centurion Germanicus but it didn't make him obliged ...