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Sleeping Beauty
Lew Archer is a tough but compassionate private eye in California. On the beach one day he encounters a vast oil spill. A beautiful woman is picking up birds and cleaning the oil from them. She is disturbed, angry, and seems lost and in need of help, just Archer's type. Archer is immediately attracted to her. Turns out her family owns the oil company responsible for the spill. She lets Archer take her to his house, then she suddenly leaves. Archer ...
The Barbarous Coast
THE BARBAROUS COAST is a novel published in 1956 by american writer Ross MacDonald. Lew Archer is a private eye asked to find Hester Campbell, a young blonde girl who has disappeared from The Channel Club, a very select club of the Los Angeles area where she was employed as a swimming teacher. Everybody, apart from Lew Archer, seems interested in this strange disappearance : George Wall, her canadian husband who just received a desperate call from Hes...

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