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Entering Tenebrea - Tenebrea Trilogy Book 1
A young woman thirsts for revenge against the backdrop of emerging interstellar war! Andrea Flores, a married young woman and mother of an infant daughter sees her life shattered; when offworld terrorists attack killing her husband and infant daughter! Now Andrea becomes a hardened avenger who seeks vengeance against the killers. Andrea must leave Earth and go to the alien Jod homeworld and join their elite military service called Tenebrea in the hopes o...
Tenebrea's Hope - Tenebrea Trilogy Book 2
This novel leaves off just where the first book ends as Andrea and the clones: Tara and Eric escape the fascist Cor Ordinate after destroying one of their cloning Institutes. They must return to the leader of the Tenebrea, K'rin and give him the evidence of the Cor plot to create Clone killers in their attempt to attack the Jod. This novel has brilliant plot twists and scenes of political intrigue on the Jod Homeworld as K'rin must manuever among his ene...