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Killer Curves
Pocket, Feb 2005, 6.99, 384 pp. ISBN: 0743462777 Guggenheim Museum volunteer docent Celeste Bennett escorts rich patrons on private tours. NASCAR champion Beau “Lightning Bolt” Lansing specifically asks for her to serve as his guide. Beau explains he wants her to donate a kidney to save the life of her biological father NASCAR legend Travis Chastaine. She wants nothing to do with the man who deserted her pregnant mother before she was born. ...
When the Earth Moves
Cameron McGrath, a wealthy New York lawyer, is stunned to discover a family secret. His mother, who left when he was a child, had a daughter named Katie, and Katie had a newborn named Callie. Cameron never knew he had a sister (Katie), much less a niece. He is told this information by Jo Ellen Tremaine, a woman from California. Cameron's long-lost sister and mother perished in an earthquake while the baby survived, and Jo wants to adopt Callie. She ...