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Beyond Belief
Bantam, Apr 2001, 23.95, 288 pp. ISBN: 0553801155 As a young man, Joe Bailey was a professional magician who opened many Las Vegas shows with his performance. Now he works as a detective on the ?Bunko? squad with his moniker being the ?Spirit Basher? because he is known for debunking phony mediums and psychics who prey on society. Joe firmly believes that there are no paranormal powers and his record of unveiling frauds is near 100 per cent...
Deadly Visions
Bantam, July 2003, 5.99, 321 pp. ISBN 0553584264 A serial killer in Atlanta has murdered six high profile individuals. The athlete, attorney, college president, newspaper columnist, public relations firm owner, and former deputy mayor all complained of hearing voices that no one else heard. After they died, the police saw the same symbol marked on their chests. The police don't have a clue as to the identity of the killer so when psychic Moni...