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Kim is one of Rudyard Kipling's best-known novels. Kim grows up an orphan in the city of Lahore, then part of British-ruled India. He is so tanned and fits in so well, few realize he is in fact Irish. One day, Kim befriends a lama from far-off Tibet, and is soon accompanying him across India in the holy man's search for the "River of the Arrow", whose waters will cleanse him of his worldly sins. On their journey, Kim investigates a British Army enc...
Stalky & Co.
Stalky and his two friends, Beetle and McTurk, attend an English bording school during the mid 19th century. They don't take their studies very seriously and spend most of their time waging war on their professors. Each chapter is a different episode in their school experience, describing how they treat new teachers, deal with the old ones, and still have time to laze around. Some of the stories include their revenge on another school house that insul...

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