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Warner, Jan 2004, 23.95, 339 pp. ISBN: 0892967846 In East End, Long Island local reporter Susanna Morgan dies in what seems to most of the police department as an accident. The one hold out who knows a murder was committed is former big city homicide cop Justin Westwood. However, Justin would prefer to ignore his gut and keep writing silly traffic tickets and drinking alcohol as he never recovered from a family tragedy. Still once one a hom...
Doubleday, Jul 2001, 26.95, 416 pp. ISBN: 0385498748 In 1969, ten-year old Jack Keller watched the crazy Reggie Ivers toss his mother Joan out the window. Only the reaction of family friend Dom Bertolini kept Jack from following his mother out the seventh story Manhattan window. Several decades later, Jack and his beloved wife Caroline run a chain of restaurants around the world. The couple is in Charlottesville, Virginia for the new...