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Rule of the Bone
A 14 year-old boy named Chappie runs away from home after he is threatened with prison for stealing a coin collection from his mother to pay for his addiction to "weed". Chappie crashes with Russ, his 16 year-old friend who lives over a video store in upstate New York. Bikers soon invade their apartment, and Chappie is thrown into a life of crime as Russ steals electronics from the bikers who are warehousing stolen goods. Bruce, the biker whom Chappie li...
The Sweet Hereafter
One winter's morning in the town of Sam Dent in upstate New York, a school bus crashes, killing fourteen children, injuring one, and leaving the entire town in shock. As the town atttempts to cope with the terrible tragedy that has befallen them, the reader sees events through the eyes of four characters. Dolores Driscoll is the bus driver, who swerved to avoid what might have been a dog. The bus fell into a quarry, leaving only two survivors, her a...