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Amaryllis Night and Day
This strange book weaves reality between being awake and dreaming. Peter Diggs a painter and teacher at the Royal College of Art in London has a bizarre dream in which a young woman beckons to him before entering a Chinese lantern bus. The woman in the dream turns out to be Amaryllis in real-life. Amaryllis is able to draw people into her dreams and they dream the same dream together. Unfortunately in the awake world parts of the dream crossover and ...
Angelica's Grotto
72 year old Harold klein, a widowed art historian, stumbles upon a pornographic website, with which he begins to develop an obsession. Though he does not yet realise it, the woman featured in the website - Angelica - is a sociologist undertaking research into sexual mores. Klein become increasingly involved, sexually and intellectually. Angelica offers Klein the opportunity to play out his fantasies, and this almost involves him in a homosexual rape...