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Carnage on the Committee
Poisoned Pen, Nov 2004, 24.95, 226 pp. ISBN: 1590581334 Lady Hermione Babcock was the chairman of the Knapper-Warburton Literary Prize, but when she dies, a fast replacement is needed as the committee meets next week to work the long-list. Baroness “Jack” Troutbeck is asked to replace the deceased. Jack accepts the position even though she learns that her predecessor was poisoned. Jack works the members like a virtuoso, but someone else is a...
Matricide at St. Martha's
St. Martha's College in Cambridge has been providing a quality, conservative, low-budget education for women for many years. Then the college receives a bequest of money upon the death of a wealthy alumna. Debate over what to do with the money divides the faculty into three factions. The Virgins believe that the money should be used for scholarships in traditional areas such as medieval history. The Dykes believe that the college should have a center for...