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Belle Prater's Boy
This book is about a girl whose aunt disappears and her cousin comes to live with her mom, stepdad, grandma and grandpa because his father can't take care of him. You can't stop reading and get back into it awhile later. you have to read it fast to be able to understand it. ...
Buttermilk Hill
"Buttermilk Hill" continues the saga of the Lamberts, a family that readers will remember from White's 1992 novel "Weeping Willow." "Weeping Willow" centers on Tiny Lambert, while "Buttermilk Hill" is narrated by Tiny's daughter, Piper Berry. When the novel opens, Piper is a carefree 10-year-old living in a North Carolina trailer park. She spends her days fishing and listening to stories with her best Lindy; although Lindy and Piper are the same age, ...
Memories Of Summer
Memories of Summer is about two loving, unseparable sisters, the youngest one is Lyric, and the other one is Summer.Together with their dad, they move to Flint,Michigan to start a new life. Soon, Summer starts scratching her face, talking to imaginary people-who she believes are her grandpa and grandma. Lyric and her dad take her to the doctor. They find out that Summer has schizophrenia-a mental illness. ...
Weeping Willow
14-year-old Tiny Lambert is struggling to preserve dreams and ideals amidst the hard-knocks of rural Virginia. White's novel, which spans Tiny's turbulent high school years, evokes both the nostalgic charm of the late 1950s and the innocence-defying trials of female adolescence. Tiny has never known her birth-father; he enlisted in World War 2 and left Tiny's mother (Hazel) alone and pregnant at the age of 16. In order to support the illegitimate ch...

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