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A Darker Justice
Reverend Gerald Le Claire, the head of a powerful televangelist church believes God wants him to be president so he can make the country better. His aide, Robert Dunbar intends to make that happen and the first order of business is for the Reverend to preach about the death of the twelve Solomons. In the last year, at different times and in no particular order eleven US circuit court judges have been killed in suspicious circumstances. FBI A...
In The Forest Of Harm
Bantam, Jan 2001, 21.95, 304 pp. ISBN: 0553801287 In the highly visible and dangerously charged Calhoun “Handsome Cal” Whitman murder trial, Atlanta assistant District Attorney Mary Crow attains the homicide conviction. After a particularly ugly final courtroom scene on the part of Cal, Mary returns for the first time in over a decade to her childhood home in Little Jump Off, North Carolina to complete unfinished business. Mary needs closur...
Legacy of Masks
Bantam, Apr 2005, 23.00, 352 pp. ISBN: 0553802798 Mary Crow has returned to Hartsville before (see IN THE FOREST OF HARM), but this time she is serious about staying. She broke with her anthropologist boyfriend Gabe while they were in Peru and quit her job as an ADA to seek work as a prosecutor or in a law firm in the North Carolina Mountains. No offer has come as no one believes that “Killer Crow” will remain here after seventeen years in Atla...