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A Bird, A Bloke and A Boyfriend
After three years back home in the States, Sarah Little is staying with her Australian grandmother for a year. The boy next door, A.J., used to be her best friend, but now he's got a girlfriend. Unable to fit back into their easy relationship, Sarah makes herself a "model boyfriend" from clay. A.J., his girlfriend, Clem, and Sarah all attend a youth camp called N.E.W., where Sarah acts as a peer tutor in pottery. An old adversary is running Kiln Shop...
Anna's Own
In the mid 19th century, Anna, a lady's maid, is transported to Australia where she marries mad Jack Kelly. Now widowed, Anna owes money to Pat McNamara, whose terms for repayment are unacceptable - at first. Meanwhile, Anna's surviving children grow up into startling different characters. Mary's voice was ruined by a fever, but Mary, the good girl, finds congenial employment as a teacher/helper for a refuge for street arabs. Maggie, the wild bad girl, e...
Boy Down Under
Rowena Maven is shocked when her mother, Dr Marina Maven, accepts a lecturing job in Australia, stepping in for an injured colleague. With little time to accustom herself to the idea of a year of high school in New South Wales, Ro makes a light-hearted agreement with her best friend, Mahalia, (Hallie) that they will try to keep in touch by mind-messages. A big joke, but both know their moms are unlikely to allow long telephone chats halfway across the wo...
Candle Iron
A quest for that most valuable treasure - the chance to go back to the beginning and make things right! Castle Torm is under siege, attacked by an army in the thrall of an evil spellbinder. Torm may fall, and the land of McAnerin with it. Survival is in the hands of one young man and five teenagers… ...

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1830s. Spirited Garnet Perry arrives aboard a bride ship to marry her kinsman Edward Landis. On the docks, she meets Jeremiah Gold, half Jewish, and (in his opinion) as good as the next man! Jeremiah has a new property called Gold's Kingdom. He needs a wife, and he really fancies Garnet. Garnet marries Landis as planned, but things go very wrong and she finds herself sold to the highest bidder - Jeremiah. ...

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