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Cinderella And The Spy
Division One Operative Joshua Carter is passionately attracted to his secretary, delicate Amanda Wainwright. After discovering her fiancee was a double agent who used her, Amanda is devastated. Watching Amanda struggle with heartbreak for a year, Josh fears for her health and sanity. Josh decides to get close to the vulnerable Amanda, who is tempted by the idea of an affair with the devastatingly handsome playboy spy Josh. Out on a lark one eve...
Her Secret Guardian
Part of an international relief agency, Dr. Grace Evans ministers to the sick and wounded in dangerous parts of the world. Obsessed with saving others, she seems to have no regard for her own well-being. Lucky for her, she has her own guardian angel. A mysterious man has appeared to her many times in many places, warning her to leave and spiriting her safely away the moment before death closes in. One night before he dissapears, he brushes his ...