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Haroun and the Sea of Stories
After Haroun Khalifa's mother Soraya runs off with a neighbor, Haroun's father, a storyteller named Rashid, finds it difficult to continue telling stories, so Haroun must stumble onto a way to keep his father's stories coming. Haroun is also depressed by his mother's sudden disappearance, but his father's sudden inability to tell stories on top of this is even more alarming. After all, that's what his father does. What will he do for a living? Nonethe...
Midnight's Children
The book is about a young man who believes that his life and his destiny is closely linked with the story of his country, India. Saleem Sinai is almost thirty one years old. He believes that he will die on his thirty first birthday so he is in a hurry to finish telling his life story before the unfortunate event of his death. He lives in a chutney factory along with his friend Padma. She takes care of him and she listens to his story. Saleem Sinai w...
Shalimar the Clown
Shalimar the Clown is not a clown, but a Kashmiri man who became a terrorist after the woman he loved left him for an American diplomat. The novel begins in Los Angeles in 1991, when Shalimar kills Max Ophuls, the former U.S. ambassador to India. Shalimar had been working as his chauffeur. A long flashback shows how Shalimar grew up in a small village in the Kashmir region of India. He earned his nickname through his skill on the tight rope. He fell i...