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The Case Of The Ripper's Revenge
Signet, Nov 2002, 5.99, 212 pp. ISBN: 0451204581 In the summer of 1917, London is not swinging with the war against the Kaiser in full bloom. However, if that is not enough to keep one sleepless in London, the murdering of prostitutes will. These killings cause a panic as much of the city wonders if Jack is back after a three decade absence. Scotland Yard is baffled as the evidence point to the return of the Ripper thought to be dead...
The Case of the Uninvited Guest
Signet, August 2002, 6.50, 256 pp. ISBN 0451207155 All of France is celebrating the Armistice of 1918. In Le Grand Hotel Suite 999, Martin Prince, the editorial director of American Universal Publishing is hosting a grand party. One of the guests, Hollywood producer and screenwriter Eric Thorndyke, gets inebriated and goes to lie down in a spare bedroom. When his son goes to check on him a few hours later, he finds him dead, murdered by someon...
To Die or Not To Die
Five Star, Sep 2003, 25.95, 215 pp. ISBN: 0786254440 In 1919 English Professor John Darnell and his wife of seven years Penny are expecting their first child in a couple of months so he plans to so no sleuthing. However, Mayor Blake Aylmer of Stratford-on-the-Avon calls to ask John to look into two sightings of ghosts on the eve of the American John Barrymore performing Macbeth and Hamlet. Penny persuades John that they can enjoy the performanc...