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The Manticore's Secret
A solid sequel in which Kirin, Maya and Asvin deal with the consequences of their decisions in The Simoqin Prophecies and face new threats to their world. This book is an interesting and complex sequel to The Simoqin Prophecies. Kirin, Maya and Asvin all face new sets of challenges in this novel - some of them external, some of them internal. As the new Dark Lord, Kirin has to deal with the fact that although he wants to end the war, his rakshas don't, a...
The Simoqin Prophecies
The Simoqin Prophecies has many of the typical ingredients of a coming of age story. It is set in a fantasy realm, though without maps of any kind, and is about a trio of powerful and magical young people who must confront a dark power that is a threat to their world. This main trio consists of the cynical, arrogant half ravian Kirin, a spellbinder named Maya, and a noble but unassuming prince named Asvin. Both Kirin and Asvin are equally front and cente...