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Three years after Godot, Beckett premiered this equally bleak yet entertaining scenario with four characters. At an indeterminate time in an indeterminate place (which could be one of the last rooms standing after a nuclear war, or, judging from its design, the inside of a human skull), Hamm, blind and seated in a wooden armchair on casters, makes speeches and orders around Clov, who is able to stand and walk, but not to sit down (and might be his son). ...
Waiting For Godot
Estragon and Vladimir, two bums, try to pass the time as they wait for Godot, an almost unreal man who is supposed to be the answer to everything. AS they wait, a man named Pozzo and his luckless slave, Lucky, pass by. Godot never actually shows up. Most of the play is made of seemingly random thoughts of the bums as they try to pass the time....