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Adam and Eva
Beautiful Eva Duncan heads to the islands of St. Thomas and St. John in order to get a much needed vacation from her job as a legal secretary. Still reeling from the death of her daughter, Gail, Eva is determined to move forward with her life. On the plane to the islands Eva makes the acquaintance of ten year old Diane Maxwell, a girl who is traveling to St. John to meet up with her divorced father. When Eva lays eyes on gorgeous Adam Maxwell she feel...
Close Encounters
While walking her dog at midnight Carol Taggert gets shot. She doesn't remember at first how she ends up with a bullet wound in her chest. Lee Grafton is the white police officer who shoots Carol during the shot out with criminals. He doesn't know how to tell her this especially since he is starting to fall in love with her. Will she still want to be with him after she learns he is the one who shot her? They already have so many obstacles to over ...
The Color of Love
Leah Downey is a gifted, attractive, young, african american business woman who is happy with her life. Not thinking that giving a cup of coffee to a stranger would change her life forever. Jason Horn,a gorgeous white police officer, is trying to cope with the death of his son when Leah gives him a cup of coffee outside her doorstep. Jason is shocked by her kindness wants to get to know her better. Neither thinks about their friendship becoming mor...