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Prescription for Terror
Rape and murder strike young single women on the sun drenched San Diego coast. Dr. Cory Cohen's patient is a victim, triggering flashbacks of the psychologist's own trauma. Her attacker went free, but she vows this one won't. Armed with psychological expertise, she is determined to catch him. Told from the dual POV of a sociopath, and of the psychologist out to catch him, this thriller provides insight into his mind and exposes the potential damage of ...
Secrets From The Couch
Secrets are stolen from a well secured psychotherapy office. A patient, front-runner candidate for D.A. disappears after her prostitution fantasy is exposed. The body of a drowned woman fitting her description is discovered. Another patient is blackmailed for infidelity. With a little help from a private detective, and her own saavy, the psychologist finds her missing patient- kidnapped to keep her out of the race. She solves the murder of the drowned wo...