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Keir O'Connell's Mistress
Keir O'Connell is tired of running his mother's Las Vegas Casino. He also wants to escape the attraction he's developed for one of his employees, a cocktail waitress named Cassie Berk. Keir starts a new life in Connecticut, where he's purchased a vineyard and restaurant. What a shock he gets when his new restaurant manager shows up and it's Cassie Berk! Cassie also wanted to escape the Las Vegas life style, and has just finished a course in resta...
Naked In His Arms
Alexander Knight is a former Special Forces agent who is called upon for a special mission by his former agency. Although Knight is reluctant to get embroiled again in government operations, he takes the job provided that he can orchestrate the operation in his own, singular manner. Knight's task is to provide protection for a witness in a government case against Tony Gennaro, a legendary mobster. The witness, Cara Prescott, is a gorgeous woman who wa...
Ring of Deception
Luke Sloan, detective for the Seattle, Washington police force, has been assigned to do surveillance of a reputable jewelry store in Forrester Square. In order to investigate a fencing operation going down within the jewelry building, Luke must conduct his surveillance from the building directly across the street from the jewelry store. Luke finds himself masquerading as a carpenter within the Forester Square daycare. Luke can't stand the thought of be...