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A Year in Van Nuys
Sandra, a dejected writer, diets, schmoozes with Hollywood suits, embarrasses herself on CNN, fights envy as her former classmate wins an Oscar, and battles writer's block as she comes to terms with the fact that she lives in a crummy part of Los Angeles (the San Fernando Valley), is no longer young and marketable, and will never be a sought after person in the Tinseltown. ...
Aliens in America
In the novelization of Sandra Tsing Loh's one-woman show, "Aliens in America", the author examines growing up in a mixed race household located in the suburbs of Los Angeles, a place of hope and hospitality in post-World War 2 America. The daughter of a miserly Shanghai-born father and an optimistic German-born mother, Sandra recalls dangerous, but cheap family vacations to Ethiopia, battles with pre-adolescent bulge, awkward explorations of love and sex...
If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home By Now
Longsuffering and ever-optimistic Bronwyn Peters tries to steer her little family from unknown, bohemian, broken-down VW-bus driving, NPR-listening San Fernando Valley-dwellers to sought-after, screenplay-selling, trendy Angelenos, while coming to terms with the lure of materialism and the ugly clash of the classes when the LA Riots ruin one of their parties and force them to re-examine their consumerist goals. ...