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The heroine discovers that the hero has a secret identity. The hero is suspicious of what the lady's occupation is. There are some exciting chases and great romantic scenes....
Marrying the Marquis
Zebra, Oct 2004, 5.99, 352 pp. ISBN: 082176926X In Wells, England, highwayman Black Rose accosts Lady Constance Landford demanding her purse and a family heirloom. Constance recognizes the eyes of the masked thief as those of the Marquis of Vere, Gideon Rochelle. She feels guilty that her father ripped off Gideon when he collected on gambling debts of the latter's sire, barely buried, but refuses to give him the jewel. Gideon takes a kiss inst...
The Scandalous Duchess
Set in the midst of the French Revolution, "The Scandalous Duchess" is a love story with a mystery! Though slow for the first chapter, action and characterizations pick up and the intrigue of spies, murder and sex are fully realized. Lucius Keene, a dedicated rake and determined bachelor, realizes that he must take a wife and produce a heir to the dukedom. Finding Althea Wintergreen as an excellent choice, Lucius finds he must convince her to marry him...