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Rome's Revenge
Rome d'Angelo is being blackmailed by his estranged grandfather into helping the old man get revenge on an enemy. His grandfather threatens to call in a loan on Rome's vineyard unless Rome proposes to, and then jilts his enemy's grandaughter, Cory Grant. Rome is not happy with the idea, but it's the only way he can save his vineyard, so he agrees. At first Rome thinks Cory is a spoiled, pampered, rich girl, but after he gets to know her he's surprised...
The Tycoon's Mistress
Cressida “Cressy” Fielding returns immediately to London cutting her vacation in Greece short when she learns that her father has had a heart attack. When she returns, she is shocked to learn that her father has driven their business into bankruptcy when he has invested in a scam investment. The return has been also good for her as it stopped her from doing any more foolish mistakes back at Greece where she has been seduced and proposed by a handsome Gre...