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Dawn on a Distant Shore
This sequel to "Into The Wilderness" begins in 1794. Elizabeth and Nathanial Bonner have comfortably settled into marriage and family life, and Elizabeth is pregnant with twins. However, Nathanial learns that his father has been arrested in Montreal. Reluctanly leaving his pregnant wife behind, Nathanial journeys to help his father. However he soon finds himself imprisoned as well, and in danger of being hanged as a spy. Elizabeth takes her newborn child...
Fire Along the Sky
Bantam, Sep 2004, 27.00 ISBN: 0553801465 In 1812 half-breed widow Hannah returns to the home of her father Nathaniel and step-mother Elizabeth following the deaths of her husband and their child. Nathaniel, Elizabeth, and Hannah's Aunt Many-Doves can see she has lost the will to live. Still, Hannah is a gifted healer and she brings hope and health to the needy of Paradise. This provides her with some solace and the beginnings of her own healing...
Into the Wilderness
Spinster Elizabeth Middleton, 29 years old, arrives in a small colonial town in the United States called Paradise, with her father, Judge Middleton, and her brother, Julian. Settling down to a new life in the freedom of this new land, Elizabeth sets out to provide an education for all the town children, white, black, and Indian. Problems arise when Elizabeth's father, cash broke, sets out to arrange a marriage between his daughter and the wealthy local d...
Lake in the Clouds (Romance)
Bantam, Aug 2002, 24.95, 608 pp. ISBN: 0553801406 In 1802 escaped slave Selah Voyager arrives in Paradise near Half Moon Lake, New York. The ailing Selah seeks Curiosity Freeman, but runs into Elizabeth Bonner and her stepdaughter Hannah instead. Because Selah is sick, Hannah a healer insists on helping the runaway slave regain her health. On Selah's tail is bounty hunter and former Paradise resident Liam Kirby, who Hannah loved when they we...

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Lake in the Clouds (Literature)
This continuation of the Bonner family saga opens in 1802. The town of Paradise, in upstate New York has just been ravished by a typhoid epidemic. Hannah, Nathanial's daughter, is now eighteen years old, and dreams of being a doctor. She is shoched when Liam, her childhood sweetheart, who has been missing for years returns. But Liam has changed. He has become a pitiless bounty hunter searching for escaped slaves, in particular, one named Selah. Natha...

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