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Second Draft of My Life
Atria, May 2002, 24.00, 320 pp. ISBN: 0743436695 San Diego novelist Charlotte Dearborn is going through a mid life crisis as the forty two. Encouraged by her agent and publisher, she decides to become an elementary school teacher after her writing career seemingly failed. The published author feels first grade has to be better than the lack of sales beyond family and friends, and horribly worse award nominations in genres she does not write in. ...
The Answer is Yes
Jenny Brown is unhappy with her life. She loses her job, her husband is wrapped up in his work and she is unsuccessful in finding her birth mother. At her wits end, Jenny stumbles into the Institution of Affirmation, an alternative adult education center offering kooky classes such as Homecooking for your Pet and Boogie with your Baby. Amongst the misfits, she learns to reevaluate her life and makes some important changes....
The Best of Good
Atria, Dec 2003, 24.00 ISBN: 0743436717 Forty-seven year old Tom Good was once a rising rock and roll superstar during the 1970s when he simply left the music scenes. Now he works at night as a San Diego bartender and collects royalties while ignoring his glorious past except when he hears one of his hits played in the supermarket. Surprisingly though he makes no effort to make a comeback, he enjoys writing songs, but only in the context of a r...