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Standing Outside The Fire
When Boone Devlin inherits a horse ranch from a man he once rescued from death, he gets more than he bargained for--especially when he meets the ranch manager, Erin Frye. The two meet accidentally at the airport when they are stranded by a storm. Without knowing who the other really is, they engage in what they think is a harmless flirtation. To Boone's shock, he learns that Erin is a virgin. Even though he's a playboy with no plans for ever giving up hi...
The Playboy Meets His Match
Jason Windover is a rancher, an ex-FBI agent, a member of an exclusive gentlemen's club in Texas, and a self-confessed playboy who never plans to marry. A friend of Jason, who is also a club member, is suspected of murdering the senior accountant of the firm he owns. The club members, including Jason, believe that someone is trying to frame his friend. They conduct their own investigation and find out that another club member, Dorian, who is a half-broth...