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Story of a Girl
A coming of age story where a high school girl must come to terms with her sexual past and difficult home life and take matters into her own hands in order to move forward with her life. Deanna Lambert is having quite a rough time of it at school and the reason for it is because of something that happened three years ago when Deanna was thirteen. Her father had caught her getting intimate in the backseat of the then 17 year old Tommy Webber's car, a drug...
The Lucy Variations
A 16-year-old pianist struggles to find a balance between her personal and professional growth. Sixteen-year-old piano prodigy Lucy Beck-Moreau walked out of a piano performance in Prague after learning that her grandmother had just died, and she has not touched the piano keys since. Having grown up in a family of musicians, she is harshly criticized, particularly by her grandfather for quitting the competitive world of classical piano. It isn't until he...