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Any Man So Daring
Ace, Nov 2003, 23.95, 336 pp. ISBN: 044101092X Christopher Marlowe was considered the leading playwright of the sixteenth century until he dies. His mantle after a brief vacuum passed on to William Shakespeare, who has problems coping with fame now that the Elizabethan court recognizes his talent. He knows that Marlowe's death and his own dealings with the Elven king Quicksilver were the catalyst. He deeply regrets the price feeling he lost mo...
Ill Met By Moonlight
Ace, Oct 2001, 21.95, 288 pp. ISBN: 0425008607 A young Will Shakespeare is married to Nan and is a father to their baby Susannah. After a day of teaching, Will comes home to his Stratford residence only to find both his beloved females missing. He walks to her cousin's house to fetch Nan when he sees her dancing with a noble in a magical kingdom that cannot exist. He is unable to touch her because she is now in Fairyland. Will has n...