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Holy Cow
The love of Sarah's life is relocated to New Delhi, India, for his job. Though she vowed never to return to India after a horrific backpacking trip in her twenties, Sarah decides to quit her job and move there with him. Conflict is constant for Sarah. Coming from affluent Sydney, Australia, she finds it difficult to deal with the poverty and desolation of this third world country: beggars dying in the streets, the constant smell of human waste, dead ...
Sea Music
Lucy lives in Cornwall in a small cottage next to her grandparent's house. She's getting ready to leave home for her first job as a teacher of English in Milan. Her boyfriend Tristan is in the army and is about to be shipped to Kosovo. This turning point in her life is complicating by her grandmother's increasing Alzheimer's Disease along with her grandfather showing signs of confusion and memory lapses. At the start of the story, her family are care...